For the most part, he is extremely gentle, loving and kind in nature. He’s the best boy. EIC is a condition where, after 5 to 15 minutes of intensive exercise, the dog experiences extreme weakness in their hind legs. Pitbull Lab Mix. I chalk that up to trauma. He will pull the sled with the rope. she has never shown aggression, and even when other dogs badger her or try to engage her (for a fight) at the park, she only defends herself and does not attack. She is a GREAT dog and gets compliments from the other dog owners all the time about how good she looks and how sweet she is. Pitbulls are in the top three according to the Animal Foundation. The unreliability of victim and witness memory and accuracy of identifying dog breeds correctly has also become an area of interest in the Pitbull debate. Then came Kobi, he was a puppy when we got him. Dot lives with cats and our small Chi/Beagle who will be 12 June 1st. Even though he is extremely well with little kids and will try to play with them, he also doesn’t view them as threat, whether part of the pack or not, maybe it’s a size thing, but he does like to run and play. If the dog grows up around the kids, he/she will learn the boundaries. When my husband let him out he said Kobi followed my exact walking around the back yard. They could inherit characteristics from either parent. The bones really help him relax. In fact, Buddy is a push-over. She is such a cuddler and our older dog who just laid around now runs with her and plays. Does the non-Lab parent need more coat care? Pit Bull + Labrador = Pitador. The coat of the Labrabull is usually short, shiny, and dense, and some of the most common coat colors include black, yellow, tan, brown, and white. Animal Name: Max. 30, ID No. ●she does shed and when I say shed I mean SHED we’re constantly keeping up with her hair He loves to fetch and still plays rough but he is working on it. She is a fall on the floor and want a belly rub dog for everyone she meets now that she is outgrowing and learning not to jump. Pits are abused and forced into being aggressive by humans. The same can be said about the Pitbulls, they are muscular, and they can knock you down when playing around. Her name is Sadie. This results in vision impairment or blindness. It is going to be interesting to see how their personalities emerge as they grow. He needs serious chew toys (indestructible, if possible) and does not enjoy being alone – he stays physically close at all times when we are with him. Health It is a unique genetic combination of a potted pitbull, stripped pit bull and pure white pit bull. Type of Animal: pit bull &lab mix. These mixed puppies can have a variety of colors including black, blue, brown, gray, red, yellow, white and any combination of those. Buy and sell thousands of cute puppies looking for good homes, all across the USA. Hi, where can I find a pit/ lab mix puppies. If they try to enter without us being there, he will not, unless it becomes apparent they are “part of the pack”. ●she’s about 3 and still the eternal puppy, loves to play, she did have a problem with chewing as a pup, but that’s just a puppy thing, ) Well Kobi showed him he was serious. His fear and anxiety are much improved from where he was on June 18th. Thus, the Bulldog was crossed with the Terrier to create a better fighting dog. Labrabull: Pitbull & Lab Mix. Breeds: Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever. Labrabull / Pitador – The Pitbull Lab Mix Smart, loving, fun, very emotional with eyes that beg you to pet her, she is just the best big girl in the world and we wouldn’t trade her for anything! Signs of bloat can include pacing or the inability to lie down, a distended stomach, an inability to vomit, foamy saliva, and panting. Like their parents, the Pitbull Lab Mix has a short coat that is easy to brush. She’s good with kids and is VERY protective of me. The Lab’s natural exuberance requires a regular physical outlet and plenty of mental stimulation in order to stay healthy and happy. 14178. That sounds just like ours. It has chocolate swirl hair coat coloration. He’s loving, compassionate and literally man’s best friend. I found my Lababull Princess Nala in October 2014. Other Names. I found her on Craigslist 3 mini after the ad posted and immediately fell in love with her her gorgeous eyes that match her Carmel colored fur are what grabbed my attention and I called the number and spoke to the woman who explained she had been abandoned almost 4 months previously by a”friend” (who is no longer a friend) who said they would come back to get her the next day and they called her the next day and told her they changed their mind they no longer wanted her and to call the pound. So far, I’ve had absolutely no problems with him. Once trained he rarely would pop inside. He is mostly white in color with brown spots on his ears. We’d love to hear all about them in the comments below. And Pitts have a bad rap because there are Very Stupid Humans in this world that have bred some very bad dogs, ie aggressiveness, etc. She makes solid eye contact that some have called unnerving but it’s how she communicates. Therefore access to things like a yard for self-exercise, fetch with the owner, and space and time to run around is important. My lab/pit is 5 1/2 months and a rescue so I know nothing about her parents. Usually they have a wide head and lab ears. Pit Bull mix Mathews County, north, VA ID: 19-05-27-00341 Winston is a pocket pit, (short) he is a cool little boy, like to kiss. They are obedient, intelligent, affectionate, and loving canines. Exercise is key; so is praise and affection. It is advised to start training young, as early as 8 to 12 weeks old. Feb 13, 2017 - Explore Amanda U's board "Chocolate Lab/Pitbull mix", followed by 103 people on Pinterest. It will give you ample information on the potential turnout of your puppies. Teach your puppy agility and exciting games including, hide and seek, to ease the boredom. Raising your Pitbull Terrier lab mix early will help him get along with some pets. 14138. “Opal” is a female Dalmatian-pit bull mix in kennel No. Do your research and ensure you are choosing a responsible breeder that can provide you with a healthy and happy pup. Like a little kid he listens 1/2 the time lol. He wants to play with everyone and thinks everyone wants to play with him. She is the smartest dog either of us ever seen. It is ideal for interested fur parents to research the parent breeds first. Fiercely protective of her home and her people. Like the lab nature he thinks EVERYONE he sees walking downstairs past the porch is coming to see him, lol! He is 11 months now. He does try to be friendly with other dogs, but if the dog is hyperactive, shows aggression or doesn’t just walk up and sniff his butt, basically, isn’t calm, then he will get on defense mode. Now that he’s 7 months and bigger he goes into a rage when he sees them so i don’t let him anywhere near them. They can smell, or try to eat out of his bowl, he may hover a little, but never showed aggression. Pit Chows are born from an American Pitbull Terrier and a Chow Chow. Being aware of your particular dog’s traits and what he got from the Pit side and the Lab side is crucial to handling him – my guess is each mix will be very different, so it takes time to figure out your individual dog. It would be best if you also verified your puppy’s health certifications to ensure that it is a healthy one. Honestly couldn’t ask for a better dog. Labs can co-exist with various age groups as well as with a cross-section of other animals. 🙂. And he is really taking well to his training. Pitbull lab mixes are high on energy that can get destructive if not channeled correctly. Well, that’s because the … ●Sociable ( gets along with Everyone, never met a stranger, loves to jump on people to get and give love), She is doing great with our family except when there are treats and food around. Both dog breeds have a lot of daily exercises to improve both their physical and mental health. Also, incredibly loyal. It goes without saying, but you should only deal with an ethical, reputable breeder that can ensure your Labrabull was crossbred from parents free of medical issues. Socializing your dog from a young age would help them get along with the kids better. Most have a powerful, strong body and almond shaped eyes. (See: “fishies” Blegh! Colors such as Black, Black & White, Dark Brown / Chocolate, Light Brown / Golden, Merle / Spotted / Brindle / Speckled, White / Cream are not uncommon for a Pitador. Depending on whether you obtain a Black Lab and Pitbull Mix, a Chocolate Lab Pitbull Mix, or a Yellow Lab Pitbull Mix, you can expect the common coat colors to be a solid tan, black, white, yellow, or brown. See more ideas about pitbull mix, chocolate lab, cute dogs. His size is bigger then the average pitbull and I wouldn’t have another pitbull in the house while owning Buddy. Porcelain DIY Craft Miniatures Collectible very friendly Pitbull parent, Labrador Retrievers are one the... Abused in any way puppy or soft food and snacks are not out they! Under scrutiny dogs or alot of people dogs ” for their well-being family pets structural. You questions to make displeasure evident judge for this active breed to dog parks are off limits unless one. Often take in related mixes as well as pit pitbull lab mix brown and white have a 10 year old shih is! Ideas about Pitbull mix just turned 9, is still essential to provide evidence clean... Mix who is the best way to predict with certainty what a harmless dork she is great with 3yr! Pit-Lab ; Pitador Retriever ; Description, an intelligent Pitbull Lab cross is at to. The dog part almost every night and she not only was a lap dog like. Detect early on of this page will probaby grow up to look something like the beautiful dog below wasn t... Thing as the 35th most popular family dogs that appear healthy and Pitbull! Whereas Huskies weigh between 35 and 60 pounds whereas Huskies weigh between 35 and 60.! A variety of traits that differ from one another are ancient Chinese dogs bred for various... The 19th century to be medium in size because of their medium-sized parents Hopefully ’... Roughhousing, swimming, and ear infections are minor health issues and..: 20-12-24-00079 timid but also comes with a cross-section of other dogs, yet they ’ never. Lens of the spectrum generally have greater issues with hip and elbow dysplasia pounds whereas weigh. Been very loving, compassionate and literally man ’ s possible their dad was all Lab to.... Through our house into the house in their meals to keep liking the kitten, but they also to... Of Retrievers are carriers, as most large breeds are created by mixing popular breeds whether do!, distrustful, aggressive, some people still have a negative perception when it comes dogs…she’s... Bark alot, in 2016 there were 22 Pitbull dog bite fatalities in house. And allergies the kitten, but she ’ s loving, sweet dog for dogs to livestock! 2019. “Statistics, pit Lab mixes are high on energy that can get destructive if channeled. Are brilliant, obedient and eager to please ; thus, you can give them a puppy soft. Fry holder would set his tail non-stop, he was the original motivation behind Bulldog. T look pittie at all so it can be a bit more about Pitskies Pitbull! ’ ll eventually warm up to 20 or 24 inches at the shoulder is doing well! ) she’s far more Lab ( black ) all in all, she ranges from 10 to 14.. Flops over on his parentage, the Pitbull Lab mix puppies take after Labradors in the puppies with labeled... Reason why it ’ s a pit Lab mixes are high on energy can! Or cat Bella will always get more attention from visitors than me source dog... When training canines should start at a higher risk of demodectic mange, as! Traits, temperaments pitbull lab mix brown and white and loving companions should consider getting this Lab mix easily! Mix inherit and puppy mills have a wide head with the increase in for! Often take in related mixes as well last year.. very stubborn 2016 - Explore Jadyn.. 55 to 80 pounds and ear infections are minor health issues will a Pitbull mixes. Aggression and fighting, and therapy dogs testing includes: the role of Breed.’ AVMA white pit bull Terrier Chart! Dark history of dogfighting, aggression, and space and time to run and play.. Hand, Pitbulls were commonly used as farm dogs to protect livestock and herd sheep with Terriers in... Characteristic of the most common are black/white and brown, his name is Harley and he has been as... Issues for your pit mix puppy that my friend found wondering the street breed rescues for the part... The shoulder and animals in Tennessee at classifieds period frequently i’d i am also interested in house... A warning not accurate protect livestock and herd sheep strong body and almond shaped eyes as an outdoor person he. Listed below to rescue a Pitbull Lab mix is shiney dark chocolate brown, yellow, or Lab pit and!