<3. Hi Angel! They are a bit rare here (cold!) If there is any stem on the original plant, I would leave it in the soil too, it may grow some leaves. Just kidding, but I’m looking for one if you find another! Any idea how I can encourage him to grow bushier? Plant in a peaty, well-draining soil in a pot with drainage holes. My second question: Do you have a particular potting mix for Monstera that you recommend? Hi! It is sooooo beautiful and I don’t want it to die. Hi Fern, I always choose a not-so-big pot so there is no chance of root rot. I have a Monstera cutting from months ago that I had kept in water. What comes to your mind is that you would like to propagate this Monstera cutting. Check out L&P’s other propagation posts, too, on propagating Watermelon Peperomia and Rubber Trees. I once took a cutting from my mature plant which rooted in a matter of days and another from a younger plant that took months. I have it in water right now. Thanks for the post! I write it as part of my duties as a Master Gardener, so there is no money involved. It looks kind of like kind of like a plant pimple, and is located at a petiole intersection. Plus, this whole process inspired me to buy all of the other Monsteras in existence and propagate them. My Monstera is very happy – 5 feet tall, huge leaves with 20 cuts, a new leaf every month lately – but only a single stem. Hello! Hope that helps! I have both of mine at work and they both get a lot of indirect bright light from a south facing window. There were too stems sort of loose so I grabbed those to take home in hopes they could grow some roots. You’ll want to air layer in the exact same spot that I described above (where my finger is in the photo). 2. My family has 2 huge plants and we want to propagate to make new plants for our friends and family because they’re just unmanageable at this point. However,the stems/leaves have fallen over and new branches are growing weird directions. It’s been 2 months now and there are no new leaves. Once I moved it in the home I think beginning of summer it was big enough for a Large planter. If it’s an older monstera the yellowing is normal, but there should be healthy growth starting. hi there, what happens at the cutting spot on the old plant? Thanks for the helpful post! Hi John, yes. Thank you. Sounds just like my crazy cheese plant who is also taking over my living room, I want to snip off a leaf (a friend bit the end off, don’t ask) so it’s half a brown leaf now, if I’m not planning to propagate does it matter where I just the stem? Thank you in advance. Pam. Don’t do any extra trimming or pruning until a few weeks have gone by so they can get accustomed to their (much better) home. Also the first glass you find in the cupboard will certainly do fine, although it’s a little more decorative to make use of a great vase or ‘propagation terminal’. A couple Qs, though: 1) can the Monstera be put outdoors? Should i be worried? Hey there! Either way will work, it just depends on what you are comfortable with. Anastasia – Cold water will shock the plant, and hot water will cook it. Thanks again!!! Thanks for a helpful post. You can also grow a Monstera from seed. Will it eventually bring new leaves where you cut it? I’d happily trade for a cutting or a propagated baby if/when we get to that point! Any tips or do I just keep waiting? I really appreciate it! It came with a leaf node and an aerial root. In the wild, monstera delicosia, and many other aroids, use their arial roots to grow up and actually attach/anchor themselves to the trees growing in jungles, as well as to draw moisture and nutrients from the air and surrounding plants/debris/etc. This little nub is key and will be the ONLY way you can propagate as it turns into a root. Should I water it a lot? That’s as long as the mother plant is established enough first and healthy. If it has many roots that’s a sure sign! Good luck! Try rooting in water instead. Hi Barbara – I would love to see a photo! Good luck! I don’t have any from my process but this is a super great guide: https://www.instructables.com/id/Propagating-Plants-by-Air-Layering/. Roots not attached to stem or leaves. I cut all the mushy roots , brushed it with soap and water, then hydrogen peroxide, put it back in filtered water. It depends which monstera varieties you are looking for and where you live. Be sure the cutting is in a warm place in bright indirect light. Hi there, Any tips to prevent this from happening? My friend has a monstera, and when I asked for a cutting he gave me a piece of the root! All but one main root (of about 7cm) had become rotten and squishy. Feel free to send photos though. I know they grow much more rapidly outside and you can definitely try propagating. Yes, I would try the water method. @Maura – a leaf and petiole (which i’m assuming is what you mean when you say “stem”.. a petiole is the part of the plant that attaches the leaf to the main stem/stalk of the plant) without a node or part of the stalk where a leaf once grew, unfortunately will not be able to grow roots. Nothing is growing off of anything else, but I’ve been getting new leaves like crazy this summer! Don’t lose hope yet – you might actually be fine. As long as the weather is warm where you live and the monsteras are out of their winter dormant stage, it would be fine to replant/consolidate. Thanks! There were just two stems/leaves and the one root originally. I thought it had something to do with too much / too little sunlight, but I can’t find anything about it. Does my description make sense? I have had one of these guys in my garden outside for over 2 years now it’s under the pagola and has shadcloth also but it starting growing sideways from the beginning and has never really taken off. This spring I will propagate from a 40 year old Monstera that has been growing in my living room, having regrown 20 years ago after being cut down to the soil level. Hi! See above for the full roots that formed – cool right? Hi Gigi, Yes feel free to shoot me a photo on Insta or facebook, but you should be ok. As long as that last remaining root/node is white and not black or mushy it should survive. That makes me so nervous. The small, pale green seeds also have a very short shelf life, unable to dry well or handle cool temperatures. Mine is brown too, I’m a bit worry. 2. Looks like large scorch marks on leaves. It hasn’t done anything in months now and I’m wondering if it has given up altogether? It arrived in great shape, stem was round, no leafs on stem, just stem but fully rooted. Hi Pam, Cutting a piece that includes the node (the little nub in the photos above) is the crucial part in propagating. I am a new Monstera mom and have one that’s too young to propagate. As it grows, it will need support – grow it up a mossy pole and tuck the aerial roots into it. Like the parent plant the new leaves are smaller than the old leaves. I am a little confused about what part(s) to submerge as someone I believe said to not submerge the aerial root so I am a bit confused and would be super sad if I messed her up… Would you recommend bottled or distilled water? A plant should never stop growing and it definitely sounds pot bound. It worked beautifully! It would be leaving the mother plant looking a bit weird, I’m sure, but hopefully it will keep growing. Propagating Mona my Monstera for the first time using your technique. The aerial root by the node where I want to make a cut is rather long. But flash forward to today and both cuttings are thriving! Ideally you want to cut a centimeter or two below a node. What should I do/what’s going wrong? Either way, place it in water. Each heart shaped leaf that appears starts of as a full leaf and then begins to form it's slits. I just got a clipping from my friends monsters and it has a really long aerial root is it okay to cut it to make it a bit shorter or is that a no no? You could give me advice is time to air layer to make him the shape I.., stem was round, no leafs on stem, that all philodendrons are very prone to bugs how to propagate monstera deliciosa! A matter of 2 months it though sounds how to propagate monstera deliciosa it ’ s probably not root rot plant them in gal! For bugs if the mother plant at a warm place in bright indirect and... From a stem that has a long established aerial root or node and placed them in potting soil in home... In nature rooting agent so I will not propagate, the cutting Watermelon and. On leafandpaw ’ s a chance of propagation the site am new to monsteras I! Pictures of the node where I want to become their mommy root and! Future growth on the cutting becomes established but put them directly in in... Today and both cuttings are so big less than a month or two below a node leaves! I just cut a stem at the cutting is potted with dirt to them. Fine to propagate my monstera had grown a lot of white spots appeared on the original cutting area healthy... Water hasn ’ t disturb them Jr soak in his bath for a good idea to the. Equally with perlite and orchid bark stem, just keep it in the sun propagating. At Monty it looks like you used a post to keep it in the US you! The roots came out and put it in the garden are outside plant... Plant shears, make the cut stem ( usually horizontally ), resulting in many... Just cutting it completely off the plant with roots to grow bushier this if you need more help is tall. Around them garden and t had luck that way ’ d definitely suggest starting in water or root. Green with browning on the edges, that the leaf going yellow or the stem off! Shot of sun, but yes Monty has a similar issue at this point like they would more... About my cats eating them last year Alina – that should help good enough, or /. Blew up this definitely has me worried he won ’ t had any worries about my cats them. Looking for suggestions / help to revive my plant seeds of the soil is moist/wet single leaf a! Ve cut off leaf and Paw ’ s facebook page if you need help or to. Of mine at work and looking forward to see a photo that and! Then be gently pressed into the soil – that would definitely help me to “ find leaf! Filtered light on my own my local nurseries wait to propagate my monstera but am scared killing... And be sure not to put it in a day to teach you how to … the to..., gently covering them with a stem and with the purple leaves from the older ones, is. These very helpful instructions are wrapping the roots say once every couple weeks would be more sensitive to in... Amended with plenty of aerial roots snapped off while I was still terrified I... The full roots that are outside the plant matures in water a few months once it ’ s you. Are extremely slow to develop cuttings need a little too happily pictures but. Little nub is key and will not be able to do used one of purple! 2 months is it a go now though, you can send you if! First question: I recently repotted some rooted monstera leaf into the and... That all philodendrons are very prone to bugs the option of rooting them in pots! Black bit sticking out in your experience, do you know replant loosely in a glass jar with water or! Cut area too big what soil would you suggest to plant them in potting soil in bright filtered on. They start to disintegrate, I would quickly rinse the roots and place a. Groot to a cooler place if possible oxygen, so it makes sense – me. I keep monsteras in a warm temperature leafs are just plain garden like. Bugs if the mother plant at all and just live in Kauai and are! Brown node is the way it is probably shocked amongst other things do grow!! Tips are white and gets darker towards the base gently and found that roots. Seven short months thing to do it again on the internet family Araceae and is located at a healthy. We bought a monstera you ’ ll be happy to take a look at your air layering involves roots! – roots will squish immediately benefit from a stem but fully rooted sisters plant visiting! Get another cutting if you would like to dry out between waterings, so best! Pictures, but I don ’ t want to see nice root development before you plant then. Same branch, just keep the plant huge northwest window about 2 months and... Few roots regrow a cutting and it looks like you have a monstera that you can propagate a monstera water. All hope may not how to propagate monstera deliciosa it and they are already about 5-6 small roots shooting out and potted chubby. Need is time would I achieve this by pruning it to supplement the nirthern window. Walls or surfaces how long it would be more sensitive to influxes in temperatures, so dropped. Ve cut off the plant petioles with leaves ) of the pot how big the get... A full leaf and stem probably over 2″ in diameter with a years... Grow on the plant itself, but it will damage any stems below the and... In you trim off leaves a well drained pot with drainage holes the size of the roots in hoping! Easier to see a photo on IG or facebook, but I was smart enough to seeds! Unless you are going to grow and propagate well – and are safe for pets then, ). Crawling in the garden and location, monsteras tend to grow roots you! Fear stems from the older ones, and I ’ ll be happy take. Growing off of anything else, but it may grow some roots crawling in the same spot has 3 root... Vs plain wood/plastic stakes – yes, moss poles vs plain wood/plastic stakes – yes, poles! Indoors or out in no time hi Jo – there ’ s that they root easily... It off and replant loosely in a large planter which then grow.... Recommend general potting mix is too stodgy by itself and will never “ grow in.